Jasmine Baker

                Portrait Artist

        Custom drawings &  Resin Art

Hey there! My name is Jasmine Baker (@iwilldrawyourface) and I'm a colored pencil portrait artist.  For the last couple of years, I've mainly focused on creating realistic portraits of people, animals, TV characters & racecars. Recently I've also been working with epoxy resin and polymer clay, so I've created a lot of items like key chains, necklaces and purses!

I am also available for commission portraits! Just use the Contact Form or  send an email  to   iwilldrawyourface@yahoo.com


Holo Rabbit necklace


Unicorn-ified handbag-Heart( Glitter)


Follow me on Instagram @iwilldrawyourface to see new pieces & progress pictures on upcoming projects. More key chains, as well as some polymer clay projects will be coming soon. My favorite themes are unicorns, food, aliens & other fictional characters

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